Moody Church, The Local Church VS. Christian Mingle, And God’s Glory In Our Resolutions

Pastor Erwin Lutzer, preaching pastor at Moody Church in Chicago Il, has announced that he will be stepping down after 35 years of service to Moody Church. Please pray for this church as they make this transition.  While I lived in Chicago I attend Park Community Church which was planted by Moody Church in 1988.

Lore Ferguson, writing for Her meneutics, produces a thought provoking article on the role of the local church in setting up the so-called “Not-Yet-Married” among them. As a single Christian committed to a local church I have mixed feelings about this piece.

Looking to start a new year resolution? Maybe hit the gym? Read that 1,000 page long puritan book you’ve had recommended to you for the past five years? Give into the pressure from your parents and start a Christian Mingle profile? Christina Fox encourages us to take our new years resolution ideas from Jonathan Edwards in her article “New Year’s Resolutions:Aim For Godliness And God’s Glory.”


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