What Is The Reformed Baptist Sentinel?

By know you’ve probably realized that I’m paying a lot more attention to the blog I started a while back. I even gave it a new name and look! My goal right now is to spend time playing around with site, developing it in different ways and getting use to the way WordPress functions. Once I move down to Louisville, KY to start my M.Div at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, I will begin the second phase of this project. The second phase will include bring other people (preferably other students I’ll meet at Southern Seminary) in to write for the site. I would also like to interview various professors at Southern Seminary on numerous issues ranging from new publications to current issues in theology and the life of the Church and post those interviews to RBS. The goal is to make meaningful theological content available on the website right now through blog post, but hopefully in the future, through audio and/or video files. A wide range of topics to be discussed including systematic and biblical theology, church history, Hermeneutics, apologetics, book reviews, cultural engagement, and much more! I am confident that Southern Seminary will provide the type of environment where a project like this can grow into something useful. I have been developing the organization’s doctrinal statement (which has actually been a lot of fun) I will be posting it on Wednesday, December 24 at noon under the tabs located towards the top of the website (assuming I’ve figured out how WordPress works.)

So to review, Phase One will include me playing around with the site and posting things (primarily previously published materials from other websites). When I move to Louisville, in the summer of 2015, phase one will end and Phase Two will begin. Phase Two will see other seminary students come on board as regular contributors. It will also see in an increase in original working being posted and in the diversity of the content of these works. The site should also start to see the addition of audio files and possible video content as well during Phase Two. I am hopeful that Phase Two will see the addition of six to twelve regularly committed individuals to the organization. That way there would be a chance we could still regularly produce material during Phase Three, the post-seminary years. If Phase Two is fruitful enough then I’m hopeful there will be enough people to contribute on a normal basis even during our crazy lives of full-time ministry.

Pray for me, that I am able to keep my eyes first and foremost on Christ and not on this project. Pray also that I remain humble and maintain a student’s heart while seeking counsel from more mature believers.  Also, please be in pray for those who might come along and join me in this project over the coming year.

Thank You,

William Ray Noble, Jr.


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