Genesis 1:1

The Bible begins with one very powerful and very important statement which I believe many evangelicals today overlook. “In the beginning” this means that the universe and all we know to be in it had a beginning. This might not seem to be all that scandalous, but let us stop here and ponder it for a while. All things that have beginnings also have ends, books, movies, our lives. It also must have an originator, something must preexist what is created, the beginning of the creation. An author must exist before his novel; parents must exist before their children. So the creator must exist before his creation. As parents rightfully have authority over their children and authors over the plots of their books, so too does God have authority over his creation. This is why sin is so damnable; it is the creation rebelling against the one that rightfully has authority of it. This day and everyday let us strive to live by the revealed will of our creator through his word awaiting the day when the end will occur and this old creation will burn up to be made anew in righteousness!

W. R. Noble, Jr.


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